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       Out of the day of a cat - Fritz

Here is something going on - something with food ? To late... So I have to find something by myself. This means: I need to go outside. Ups ! Wrong door...

Maybe there is a fat mouse in the fields. I am wandering on the streets to Nowhere... Well, not Nowhere, one turn right and ...

...I am directly in the fields ! Now move silent to catch something big. Uh, not sooo big ! Takeing breath.

It's a realy nice day today. It's a realy nice day today. It's a realy nice day today.

But the forrest is a bit dark. So lets climb a tree. Looks like I should start going back home.

Far away is my home... But I am walking with my small feed through the high grass... To get closer...

And finally get the reward for the long trip: Beeer !!! Hmmm, what is my human wanting from me ? Suspicious... Aha, thats the reason - the TV team from the German MDR TV Station for the "Aussenseiter - Spitzenreiter" Show ! (Honestly this happened 2 months later, after the previous picture I was taken inside for the night...).

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