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       Out of the day of a cat - Jacquie
This is Jacquie, he seems to know what is happening now... Well, THIS looks more like a surgery ! But the revanche is now on Jacquie. Is this his owner in the bathroom ? :-)

This is the danger of using the CatCam, you can never decide what pictures are taken. Jacquie is now outdoor, but what is this ? A small enclosed backyard with waste containers? Please do not say what the cat is now going to rip off the bag !

Is there really no escape ? Phew... escape to the garden located. Aha, the owner of Jacquie did not put away the garden tools or even lost it. So it is up to the cat to do this.

Back at home. Will we NOW see an awkward scene in the bathroom ? No, sorry. But here is at least his owners pyjama. Where do you want to go now ?

Ok, here is the lunch waiting.

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