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Short product information for KX121 CCTV Video Camera

Produced by Panasonic this camera board offers high performance in a small size (22x26x25mm / 0.9x1x1 inch) and low weight (11 Gramms/0.4oz). A high sensitive 1/4 inch CCD sensor does not only cover dark situations. The integrated signal processor also optimizes the images during difficult light conditions such as direct sunlight. The power supply of 5V integrates this camera modul easily in standard voltage environments.
The camera board is equipped with a high quality wide angle lens which covers an amazing range of 150 degrees horizontal field of view.
Video format is either PAL (Europa) or NTSC (USA). The format has to be specified at the time of order.

  • Supply voltage: 4.8 - 5.5V DC
  • Current draw: 125mA (@5V)
  • Resolution: 330 TV lines (512x582 PAL pixels, 512x492 NTSC pixels)
  • Frames per second: 25 (PAL), 30 (NTSC)
  • Minimum Illumination: 0.2Lux at F1.2

Comes with: CCD Camera board with lens and wire connector

Resources: KX121 Datasheet
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