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Short product information for CatTrack™ GPS to RS232 Adapter:

To use the GPS Receiver with a PC, the signal level has to be adjusted in both directions. This is done by the GPS-to-RS232 adapter. With this the GPS receiver can be operated with all kind of navigation software and terminal programs. The receiver module is powered over an USB interface or externally.

  • Universal GPS connector to support a wide range of GPS modules, and can be used for other serial devices as well (also microcontrollers to communicate to a PC)
  • Covers 5V and 3.3V supplied modules
  • On board voltage regulation for 3.3V
  • On board standby supply for GPS modules which do not have integrated battery backup power.
  • High speed mode min. 230kbps
  • Power supply over USB interface
  • Power supply over additional user connector (5V +/-10%)
  • Power-on indicator

For your convenience double sided tape is applied to the board so that you can stick on your GPS receiver.

Comes with: GPS to RS232 Adapter, USB interface cable, RS232 serial cable.

Resources: Manual for GPS to RS232 adapter card.
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