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TXM2 Video Transmitter Module

The TXM2 is designed to transmit video and audio/telemetry signals over a wireless connection. It makes use of the 5.8GHz IMS band which is an alternative to the more and more crowded 2.4GHz band.
  • Standard SMA connector (female) for high frequency antennas.
  • Small size of 25x39x13mm (1x1.5x0.5 inches) without heatsink
  • Low weight (13g / 0.46oz without heatsink, 23g / 0.81oz with heatsink)
  • 7 selectable frequency channels
  • Provides 1 video channel (PAL and NTSC) and 2 independent audio channels
  • Convenient external interface
  • Available in 2 transmission powers (TXM2-100 100mW/20dbm, TXM2-450 450mW/27dbm)
  • 5V supply

The module comes with a connector cable.
Heatsink for TXM2-450mW included.

Resources: TXM2 Datasheet
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