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Short product information for iVolt™ Stepup Converter:

The iVOLT™ modules provide scaleable and small sized solutions for different mobile power supply requirements.

iVOLT-Up is an adjustable voltage converter module which provides the user with a high efficiency in a small size. It is a switch mode DC/DC stepup converter and fits into applications where size and/or performance are high priority.

This module offers high efficiency (up to 96%) step up converter in a small size (22x25mm / 0.87x1 inch). It boosts the input voltage (1.8-5V) to a higher output voltage (adjustable between input voltage and 5.5V).
You can define the output voltage at the time of ordering (comment field).

The nominal load current at input voltages above 1.8V is 1 Ampere.

In addition to the characteristics of a DC/DC Stepup converter, iVOLT-Up provides the following features:
  • small size
  • low weight
  • adjustable output voltage
  • very high conversion efficiency
  • multi-stage capable with master/slave enable
  • Optional: Low voltage warning, battery monitor, interval operation

Resources: iVolt-Up Datasheet
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