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Short product information for iVolt™ SD1 Stepdown Converter:

The iVOLT™ modules provide scaleable and small sized solutions for different mobile power supply requirements.

iVOLT-SD1 is an adjustable voltage converter module which provides the user with a high efficiency in a small size. It is a switch mode DC/DC stepdown converter and fits into applications where size and/or performance are high priority.

This module offers high efficiency (up to 95%) step down converter in a small size (16x36mm / 0.63x1.41 inch). It reduces the input voltage (2.5V-14V) to a lower output voltage (adjustable between 0.8V and 85% of input voltage).
You can define the output voltage at the time of ordering (comment field).

The maximum load current is 3 Ampere.

In addition to the characteristics of a DC/DC Stepdown converter, iVOLT-SD1 provides the following features:
  • small size
  • low weight
  • adjustable output voltage
  • very high conversion efficiency
  • external enable/disable input
  • low EMC radiation

Resources: iVolt-SD1 Datasheet
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