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TXM1 Video Transmitter Module

The small video transmitter module makes it easy to implement a wireless video function (combined with audio or telemetry). The module provides all necessary connections as well as contains a sender unit all in a minimum size of just 32x33mm / 1.26x1.3 inches. A channel selector allows to select 4 different frequencies. A standard SMA connector (female) provides the antenna connection with lowest possible loss.

Available frequencies and transmission power:
  • 2.4GHz, 40mW (16dBm), 5V Supply
  • 2.4GHz, 450mW (27dBm), 3.3V Supply
Please check the specific electrical requirements with the data sheets of the sender unit.

In order to match the module to the application, the orientation of the SMA antenna connector can be selected. Please add this option as a comment during ordering:
  • Right Angle (Antenna on the same level as the board) - Default
  • Straight (Antenna points upward from the board)

The module comes with an unconfigured connector set.

Resources: TXM1 Datasheet, 2.4GHz/40mW Sender Datasheet, 2.4GHz/450mW Sender Datasheet
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